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Therapeutic Thermal Springs

Loutra Edipsos

The town of Aidipsos is the largest one in Greece that has hot springs and one of the most popular destinations for all ages. The therapeutic sulfuric springs are the hottest in Europe.

Here, you will find over 80 thermal springs and a wonderful landscape rich in vegetation that meets the azure sea.

The region of Aidipsos holds a special place in mythology.

Their water comes from the Gulf of Evia rift at 3,000 m depth. According to mythology, Athena asked Hephaestus to bring hot, healing waters to the surface of the earth so that Hercules, her protégé, could rest and recover after each of his twelve labors Hephaestus couldn''t refuse the request of his beloved sister. He struck the depths of the earth with his divine hammer, and immediately, the warm therapeutic waters gushed forth.

What to see



Syllas’ Cave

Syllas’ ‘cave’ is a small-domed building that with the passage of time has been covered with various materials carried by the water, and as a result the entrance resembles the entrance of a cave. There are two large statue pedestals with inscriptions honouring the emperors Hadrianus, Septimius Severus and Constantine the Great.

The entire building has been covered by deposits of sulfuric waters that emerge in the area, giving the impression that it is the entrance of a cave.

At the entrance of the "cave," there are two bulky pedestals with inscriptions in honor of the Roman emperors Hadrian and Septimius Severus, dedicated by the municipality of Istiaia. The first one also bears a later inscription in honor of the Byzantine emperor Constantine.

The "cave" became associated with the Roman general Sylla, who used to visit the baths for therapy.


Archaeological Collection of Aidipsos.

The archaeological collection is housed on the mezzanine floor of the EOT Hydrotherapy Center.

The plaque with the symbols of the mythical hero Hercules, the bow and the lion, as well as a supernatural statue of a draped man from the 2nd-3rd century AD are displayed in the museum.

The collection presents elements from the prehistoric past of the region, primarily findings from the excavations at the prehistoric settlement of Koumbi, a hill located 2 kilometers north of Aidipsos Baths.


Old bathhouse

The old hydrotherapy facility of Agii Anargyri was constructed before 1950 and is the work of Ernesto Chiller, a jewel of neoclassical architecture. It adorns the area and reminds us of the times when Loutrópoli of Aidipsos dominated the Mediterranean. It has been designated as a newer, preservable monument.


Koumpi Hill

It is located 2 kilometers north of Aidipsos Baths, and ancient ceramics from the earliest Neolithic period have been found there. The presence of a settlement from the Middle Helladic period has been identified on the western slopes of the hill, and its habitation continued uninterrupted until the early Mycenaean times.
The excavated area appears to have had a partial storage character, with amphorae used for storing fruits and liquid products.
In one of the areas, a section of a furnace was found with residues of smelted copper, a piece of the final product, slag, and small fragments of copper, indicating that copper processing took place in the settlement.


The "Kyma"

A structure built on a wooden platform, supported by stilts, combining picturesque imagery with effortless beauty. The easy access to the area offers tremendous possibilities within it. Since its construction in 1933, the "Kyma" has been a distinctive symbol of the city, always serving as a space for recreation and entertainment. And so it continues (renovated), even to this day.


Heraklion and Stadium Hotels

These hotels are among the first ones built during the early period of Aidipsos' modern history. With their distinctive architectural elements, they are remarkable gems for the area.
The Stadium is still in operation, while the Heraklion operated until 2010. The architectural and historical value of these sites is praised by the tourists who visit them.


  • Visit the bars and nightclubs of the area
  • Take a stroll along the main road of the port, which becomes a pedestrian street in the evening, and visit and shop at the shops and kiosks that open up at night
  • Enjoy the sea view while feasting at one of the seaside taverns or restaurants.
  • Visit the pastry shops for traditional sweets.
  • Try a loukouma from the famous local "loukoumatzidika" (loukouma shops).
  • Watch movies at the historic open cinema "Apollon" at the Evia Film Project.
  • Παρακολουθείστε τα φεστιβάλ χορού που γίνονται κάθε χρόνο με συγκροτήματα χορού από όλο τον κόσμο. Δείτε περισσότερα εδώ
  • Visit the beautiful beaches located around Aedipsos. You will definitely find one that suits you, whether it's bustling or secluded, always clean and beautiful.
  • Apart from the sea, you can visit the mountainous forests and even the monasteries that exist in beautiful Northern Evia.
What to do




The mountainous regions of Evia, with their numerous dirt roads, dense forests, rugged terrain, lush streams, waterfalls, calderimia (traditional stone-paved paths), and forgotten villages, are ideal for mountain biking adventures. Whether you are an experienced rider or a beginner, you can find a variety of short or full-day routes, ranging from easy to challenging, filled with colors and many surprises throughout our prefecture. Aidipsos is particularly suitable for cycling as it offers relatively flat terrain and interesting distances to explore. Every year, cycling races are organized with starting and finishing points in the Baths of Aidipsos. You can also rent bicycles from local shops for your convenience.


Water Sports: Windsurfing, Snorkeling, Fishing, Jet Ski

There is a sailing club in Oreoi that offers swimming, kayaking, and sailing lessons. There, you can engage in triangular sailing, kayaking, and open-sea sailing. Windsurfing and kitesurfing can be found in Kanatadika, Artemisio, and Vasilika. At the beach of Aedipsos, you can rent diving equipment or take diving lessons. Additionally, in Lichadonisia, there is an organized Diving Center. At the beach of Agios Nikolaos, you can rent water bicycles and jet skis. Northern Evia is an ideal fishing spot for those who enjoy fishing, and there are seminars available for coastal fishing or fishing with a boat.


Horse Back Riding

If you enjoy horseback riding, you can visit the villages of Kamatriades, Taxiarchis, and Agia Anna, where you can ride horses through the forest and learn the secrets of horseback riding from experienced instructors. In Kamaria, you will find Ellopia Horses, where you can take lessons or go for a leisurely horseback ride.


Hiking - Walking

Hiking through the enchanting forests of Telethrio Mountain offers a wonderful experience. Follow dozens of trails and forest roads to witness a great variety of trees, streams, gorges, and small waterfalls, as well as passing through picturesque villages.